Heartstrings Ensembles

Heartstrings is dedicated to providing beautiful,

musical entertainment for your special events.

We are available as a duo, trio, or string quartet

to best meet your musical requirements.

Elegant music for your dream wedding.

Heartstrings - Ensembles

Ensemble Musicians

The additional members that make up the Heartstrings trio and quartet are

carefully selected. They are professional musicians who compliment both the sound of the duo and our philosophy of providing quality music to our clients.

String Quartet

The string quartet is a very popular ensemble for

weddings, parties, and larger venues. When

performing as a quartet, the viola is added to the

string trio, providing a full rich tone bridging the

range between the violins and cello. The widest variety of ensemble music is written for the string quartet.

Other combinations of instruments can be arranged.

String Trio

When performing as a string trio, a second violin

is added to the violin and cello duo.

This adds to the harmonic structure and dynamic

range with the blending of the violins.

Heartstrings Violin & Cello Duo, Trio, or Quartet of Duluth, Minnesota will play music for your wedding, party, or special event.          Contact.html

Violin and Cello Duo

The violin and cello duo is the signature ensemble of Heartstrings. The instruments compliment each other beautifully through the combination of high and low, bright and rich, sweet and soulful. In addition to its beautiful sound, our duo allows flexibility, affordability, and ease in staging.